Slimerun 5k

Slime Run 5k is a one of a kind interactive 5k unlike any before it.

Slimerun Green Slime
Slimerun Red Slime
Slimerun Yellow Slime

Participants will start out in our Slime Start where they will be released every 2-3 minutes into the Slimiest day of their lives.

Once released form the start you will run straight into our


Click on the map and explore the course

zone 1

Slimes Away- We have armed 2 of our honorary Slime Guys with SUPER SLIMERS, and they have one mission….To get you covered in slime before you cross their path,

zone 2

Slime From Above- While you thought you were safe before, watch out for an air attack when passing under this Slime Zone.

Even when you finish the fun does not stop there!

zone 3

Slip N Slime- now that you have made it past our Slime guys its time to make a sliding exit through our last zone. Slip N Slime is the slickest slide on the streets and it will send you zooming straight to the finish line.

Festival Area

Party with us before and after your wave time in our festival area where we will have food, games, and plenty of SLIME activities!!

Click on the map and explore the course

Even when you finish the fun does not stop there!

Get Involved

Running not your thing? Join in on the experience when you volunteer for The Slime Run! Our volunteers receive the following when they volunteer for our races:

What’s Included




Upcoming Events

  • Virginia Beach

    July 08, 2023

  • Nashville

    July 22, 2023

  • Charlotte

    July 15th, 2023

  • San Diego

    September 16th 2023

  • Las Vegas

    September 23rd, 2023